Jeff Griffith Horsemanship Clinic

One of the BEST from out West…Jeff Griffith
Natural Horsemanship Clinics

May 8-10, 2015
OPPORTUNITY AWAITS: in a safe environment to overcome your problems
and fears REGARDLESS of your Equestrian Discipline!
Tap Root Farm - 4104 Clovercroft Rd, Franklin, TN 37067

Clinics are an awesome experience for you and your horse. A great way to have group training and one on one attention when needed.
Horsemanship Clinic: 3 Days@ $550. Audit: $20/day.
Working Cattle Clinic: 3 Days @$550 + $75 Cattle Fee. Audit: $20/day.



Jeff Griffith grew up on Montana's 130,000 acre Flying D Ranch, made famous in part because of legendary ranch hands like Tom Dorrance. He cowboyed on ranches like the historic King Ranch in Kingsville, Tx. He managed the 88,000 acre La Cense Montana Horse Program. Jeff has done private clinics for everyone from the NYPD Mounted Police in New York City to the Cavalry for the Republican Guard in Paris, France. He has been the keynote clinician for events such as the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin, the Vaquero Show in Santa Ynez, California, and the AQHA Quarterfest in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Jeff has instructed college level horsemanship/equitation at The University of Montana Western and at Kirkwood College at the Iowa Equestrian Center. He has incredible talent starting colts, teaching all-discipline horsemanship and improving roping skills-best of all-Jeff is a man of principle and a cowboy that embodies the Code of the West. This horseman has a lot to offer and there is a lot to like about him.

What Other’s Have Experienced:
We have been fortunate to ride in many of Jeff's clinics, from colt starting to horsemanship to cow working and have gained a lot of knowledge at every clinic. Jeff is a very skilled and talented horseman. He helps the rider get a better understanding of their horse and helps you send the right signals at the right time to your horse to get the response you want. We are very appreciative and thankful for all that Jeff has done for us and our horses. - Kevin & Sheri Castle

Jeff is extremely clear, and humble, and had some great insights which I'd never heard before. Lots of things to practice this coming week.- Richard Beal, Beals Cowboy Buckles

I got a lot out of Jeff's clinic. He's an excellent teacher who blessedly doesn't teach a one-path-to-the-mountaintop approach. He has paid so many varied dues that he is able to articulate a very clear and personal understanding of how horses work. He really cares about his students and their horses and is very low-key and humble in his approach.- Jarratt Applewhite, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jeff is always studying and finding better ways to help the horses and people he interacts with. As a mentor he has been invaluable. Jeff has been a major influence on my horsemanship. The opportunities he has given me have been instrumental in shaping my career. - Brandin Schrader Horsemanship

I attended my first clinic with Jeff in January 2006 as a formerly confident rider that had lost that confidence. He has always been very supportive and encouraging, helping you improve skills at your level and pace, which is not necessarily the same as the rest of the class. Jeff not only has a great
way of reading horses but also people, and helping the horse and the person work together. Five colt starting and numerous horsemanship (and cattle!) clinics better my confidence has greatly improved. - Shelly Hagan, North Pine Farm

Jeff Griffith is looking forward to being in our part of the country. I visited with him to gain clarification on what we can expect to learn in his clinic here at Tap Root Farm in May. He explained that he is not like the trainers that teach repetition, repetition and more repetition…that turns the horse into a corps. The more we dwell/drill on an a training activity, the more we create brace in our horse. Jeff said, “I base my training on doing something as few times as needed, I feel that unrewarded repetition only gets a horse to brace, pace and prepare themselves for what we put them through. I talk a lot about all sorts of goals that need to be set by the rider.” He explained that this includes very short term goals such as each time we ask the horse for something and continues daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and long term without repeating the exact same exercise multiple times in a repetition format. Jeff said, “After spending years teaching riders, I have found if I work on a structured list of tasks that is all they learn. However, if I work on teaching balance, softness, setting goals and how to search your way through a problem, it leaves students knowing how to think their way through things and find solutions with their horse.”

Topics to be covered: Creating a Good Life With Our Horse

Leading creating softness on the lead allowing us to control their feet
Flag and desensitize horses for riding and handling
Working on softness in reverse with both hind quarters
Prepare and Saddle
Creating volume and responsiveness in our horse
Other topics get covered as they come up as horses in the class are worked

Horsemanship Clinic:
Gaining control of the horse’s feet under all conditions
Attaining Softness in the face
Working your horse off your legs
Understanding balance
Staying out of the horses way by being in the right position
Building life in our horse trotting
Loping circles and preparing for a lead change
Soft turns
Creating a stop on our horse

Working Cow Clinic:
Discussion on basic stockmanship
Understanding the position and balance of a cow
Develop speed and cow control tracking from behind
Turning and understanding horse position for working cattle
Skills used on a Ranch, in Ranch Versatility Classes, Sorting, Cutting or developing your horse to give him a job
Limited roping

***Many topics are covered as they come up in the class

Overnight Camp Space Available (no Hook-ups/ 1 Shower/ 1 Toilet). Trails to ride during your down time.
Friday pm Cookout Available. Saturday Night: Franklin-Out on the Town. Hotels 3 minutes away. Excellent shopping & entertainment 5-10 minutes away.

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