You may purchase individual cuts, smatter packs, 1/4, 1⁄2 or whole beef depending on your budget & freezer space.

Your family and guests will rave over the wonderful flavor and tenderness of our all natural beef. Our beef is raised on our
farm, and goes from the hoof to your table. You know the
source of your product and are sure of its full quality reaching your table.
A 1/2 beef feeds a family of 4/ 5 for approximately 7 - 12 months. (1/2 is split head to tail yielding all cuts for both

Our finished beef will weigh from a 1000-1200+ lbs.

Example: Live wt.:1000 lbs.
Dressed/Hang wt.(61.5%):615 lbs
*Less the bone, fat, loss, shrinkage(25%-30%) = 430-461 lbs. of beef
Of 450 lbs+/- of beef there will be approximately:
Hamburger/stew meat= 35-45%, Roasts= 30-35% and Steaks= 25-30%.
*Please note: the greater the amount of de-boning (New York Strip Steaks vs. T-Bone Steaks), the greater the loss factor.

All orders are processed at a local USDA approved processing plant.

Be sure to place yourself on our Waiting List for Freezer Beef by calling:
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Just wanted to thank you for giving me the wonderful homemade burger to try while at the Ranch Rodeo. As I told you; I do not usually eat beef. If eating a burger when out to eat I typically order the turkey or veggie burger. I also make turkey burgers at home very frequently. But, I must tell you that was one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. It was not greasy, did not make me feel like I shouldn’t have eaten it for any reason at all. Actually I think I could have eaten another one. I grew up on a farm as you know, but perhaps had forgotten how different family raised and preserved beef taste. Especially when done correctly as you guys obviously do. I may come down and get one of your roast to try. By the way: I also very much enjoyed watching the rodeo. I have your information on the next one and plan to see you there and have another burger!

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